The best movies to leave you laughing out loud.

With so many ups and downs in 2019, it suffices to say that everyone needed a laugh now and again. Although the movies that fit the comedy genre hit the right notes to provide a few giggles, they needed to be much more than a funny movie. The comedies that come out on top for 2019 spun the structure of comedy on its head and added a sparkle to the list with some fantastic comedies with a romantic spin. Any comedy enthusiast will be aware that it has been some time since we've seen any fantastic rom-com entries, so this is a welcome addition. Let's get on with our list of the best comedies of 2019!


1. Hustlers

At the top of our list is a movie that promised high expectations for viewers, and it certainly did deliver on smashing the bar. Following its release, fans and critics were praising Jennifer Lopez for her performance, with many saying it was Oscar-worthy. Hustlers is easily regarded as one of 2019's best comedy movies. The movie surrounds the true New York Magazine write-up, which told of a group of strippers who conned and then drugged scumbags from Wall Street out of thousands of dollars. The movie takes the 2008 economic recession and puts a darkly comedic spin on things, comparing class differences to the present day. Lili Reinhart deserves an Oscar of her own for her strange ability to vomit on demand!


2. Isn't It Romantic

Isn't it Romantic is a present-day rom-com surrounding the life of Rebel Wilson's character in an altered state. Thee comedy kicks in when you realize she hates everything to do with a rom-com! The movie boasts some charming scenes which unravel a message by the end; Rebel Wilson's Natalie lacked a well-deserved level of self-assuredness.


3. Pokémon Detective Pikachu

As far as films based on video games go, this adaptation of the Pokemon world is definitely nearer the top end of the scale. Pikachu, played by Ryan Reynolds, is what makes the movie hilarious thanks to his ability to communicate with humans. The great aspect of this movie is that you'll find it funny regardless of whether you're familiar with the concept of Pokemon or not.


4. Fighting with My Family

Fighting with My Family has a WWE backing, and perhaps many did not have the highest expectations as a result. The movie surrounds an up, and coming wrestler called Paige, following her journey with a biographical feel. Paige, along with her brother, gets a once in a lifetime tryout for the WWE. Paige triumphs over her brother and needs to stay strong when things take a turn for the worse, and she's up against the ropes.


5. Shazam!

Last but by no means least is a movie that sees Zachery Levi squeezing into the spandex to become the superhero persona of Billy Baston we know as Shazam. It follows the story of a boy in his teens who calls out the magic word (take a guess what that is) to become a mighty superhero. Nobody saw the comedy side of DC's Shazam coming, which was a welcome surprise.