Crackdown 3: A Deeper Look

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Video games often have a long development cycle, but very few of them are in development for as long as Crackdown 3. Originally announced 5 years ago at E3 2014, Crackdown 3 has taken many twists and turns to become the game it is today. Now, after years of waiting, fans will finally be able to get their hands on the game, which is out now for all to enjoy. 

For those familiar with the Crackdown series, the third installment of the game might not seem too different at first glance. Players will still be put in the shoes of a futuristic cop armed with a super powered suit, some high tech weaponry, and enough body enhancing abilities to make you feel like a superhero as you leap around the city. 

And much like the previous installments, players will be tasked with cleaning up a crime-riddled city off the many nefarious folks living in it. The many gangs living in the city of Crackdown 3 are color-coded, with certain sects of enemies controlling different portions of the maps and requiring you to go in and clean them up by any means necessary. This might come across as too similar to other open- world action titles, but it’s a tried and true formula, and when it comes to a title like Crackdown 3, should work well to help players keep track of how they’re doing in ridding the city of its crime. 

While some players might come to Crackdown for its single-player content, the real draw of Crackdown 3 is in its multiplayer, and what awaits when you jump into it.

While the enemies and gameplay might feel similar to previous Crackdown titles, there is one thing that sets Crackdown 3 apart from any game currently out, and that’s the sheer level of destruction found within the game. When players jump into the multiplayer of Crackdown 3, they’ll find that Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure, is powering all of the destruction found in the game.

Billed as the thing players must see in Crackdown 3, the physics and destruction in the game is everything fans of the series can hope for. In both the normal multiplayer and in the Wrecking Zone multiplayer mode, players will be able to take their characters and create all sorts of havoc on the world of Crackdown 3. 

Plenty of games offer destructible environments, but not to the level and detail of Crackdown 3. Ramming through walls or taking down buildings results in an absolute downpour of bricks, debris, and explosions, showing just how powerful and useful Microsoft’s technology can be. Perhaps the best thing about the use of Azure is that it doesn’t matter how good or bad your internet is; no matter where you’re playing, fans anywhere will be able to experience the same level of destruction.

With most of Crackdown 3 focusing purely on destruction and chaos, it makes sense that its multiplayer modes also stray away from the precision that is often needed in online shooters. Instead of having the fastest reflexes, you’ll instead be focusing on moving and strafing in the air as often as possible, while you participate in super-powered gunfights with the rest of the players in the game. 

The Crackdown series has never caught on like many other Microsoft exclusives, but the company likely hopes that this title is the one to do it. Fans of the series will most likely already be on board, but Crackdown 3 should be able to draw in a fair amount of people thanks to its over the top gameplay, insane amount of destruction, and its inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass, which will no doubt draw in a larger number of people who might not have otherwise played. For more gaming videos and insights, be sure to stay tuned right here, on Subnation.