Battle royale is the obvious game mode for shooters nowadays. Since the success of games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends, it only makes sense that other franchises want to jump on board the 1vs100 frenzy.

That said, with titles like Battlefield V bringing their own battle royale, and with rumors of the next Halo including one too, it’s likely we’re all going to get a little bored with this mode in our shooters. While we shouldn’t expect these matches to die anytime soon, devs wanting to implement a battle royale should start getting a little more creative.

For example, while it isn’t official, Stardew Valley has a battle royale mod that’s actually pretty fun to play. Utilizing elements from the farming sim, this mod is a creative twist on the more traditional features from the title. Tetris 99 is another successful non-traditional example, with players trying to survive longer than everyone else in a never-ending game of Tetris. These results pose the question: what other games could benefit from having a battle royale? Well, we’ve come up with a list of some of the more unique ways games can implement one.

Beat Saber

Having just reached 1 million sales, this VR phenomenon would be the perfect specimen for a BR mode. Similar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero, Beat Saber has players slashing notes to the beat of their favorite songs. To ramp up the competition, why not have 100 gamers competing for the highest score? Those who fail to keep the beat would drop out early on, leaving only the best at the end.

5 Games That Need BR
Who can get the highest combo?

There are multiple gameplay modifiers such as faster song and invisible notes, too. Each of these would lead to different scenarios, ensuring that the players who practice the most wouldget their chance to shine. In a way, this would be similar to Tetris 99 in that we’re taking a single player experience and placing it into a multiplayer elimination setting.


As one of the more difficult games to release in the past few years, Celeste is an ideal BR candidate for players looking to really challenge themselves. The main game plays similar to Super Meat Boy - a 2D platformer with a focus on difficulty. Only this game’s base trials rival the most challenging levels in Super Meat Boy.

To work as a battle royale, you could set 100 players at the beginning of the same stage. From there, everyone competes to get to the end of the area with as few deaths as possible.

The challenge could ramp up with multiple stages in a set timeframe, forcing players to keep up their A-game over a few different scenarios. You could have different goals as well, such as the fastest time or completion with the least wall jumps.

100 players racing to the top of this mountain. I’m into it.
100 players racing to the top of this mountain. I’m into it.

This platformer has more than enough stages for players to choose from, each with their own environmental hazards to beat. There is also a whole host of characters to choose between. Each of them could have their own unique abilities, too.


Who doesn’t love Cuphead? As you may know, the bosses in this game are ridiculously hard to beat. Dying is frequent, and everyone who plays this is used to restarting all the time, just like in a battle royale. What a perfect place to implement one.

100 players could vote on a boss to fight, with everyone having their own custom loadout to compete with. From there, it’s a race to get to the end first. Or, it could be a sort of “last man standing” boss rush. There could be 1’s or 2’s thanks to the co-op mode, and there are a ton of different monsters to choose from. There could even be new powers added for this mode specifically.

This, but with dozens more Cupheads!
This, but with dozens more Cupheads!

It’s a stretch, but the game could include Cuphead’s normal levels in this battle royale offering. Instead of a boss fight, these stages could be time trials.


Though it would be a more traditional battle royale than the previous three, this Souls-like game already has everything set in place to stand out.

100 naked players spawn in a massive area, with armor, weapons, and other loot available to search through. With tons of different weapon classes, magic types, armor pieces, and more, there are endless ways to customize a character based on what you can find around the space.

Imagine the flanking opportunities.
Imagine the flanking opportunities.

There is already a multiplayer mode that takes advantage of the different weapon types and attack stances, however these battles are set in closed arenas. Placing dozens of gamers into a vast open space would only be an expansion of what’s already there. Personally, I’d love to see this mode more than anything else on this list.

Mirror’s Edge

Also known as Speedrunner: The Game, Mirror’s Edge may not have players physically fighting one another. But, a battle royale mode here could have groups of players racing over rooftops to achieve the fastest time.

Sure, you could say this function is already achieved with the in-game leaderboards, but I think there’s something special about having everyone run at once. Players would spread out, each using their knowledge of the city to make their own routes. Newer gamers could follow these experts, taking note of small adjustments that will speed up their time even more.

Land on that rooftop without smooshing another player. I dare you.
Land on that rooftop without smooshing another player. I dare you.

Plus, with the mundane fighting mechanics in the game’s sequel, Catalyst, a small fighting mode could be implemented as well. Hell, have one player punch the other in the face for beating their time, or set an end-of-round segment where players try to knock each other off balance, falling off buildings to their doom.

Of course, this list is just a pipe dream. Thanks to Apex Legends, I’ve been addicted to the idea of a battle royale despite not caring much for them beforehand. That and the Stardew Valley mod have opened my mind to the genre. It’s only a matter of time before we see more unique takes on 1vs100 in action.