Video games developed as tie-ins to big blockbuster films always get a bad rap, but that doesn’t mean companies should stop trying to make good ones for us to enjoy. The mega-popular Marvel Cinematic Universe is ripe with characters and stories that can be told in video game form. Having studios develop games based on these movies would give fans a deeper look into the ever-growing, ever-changing MCU we love to watch on the big screen. But what types of games should we have and who should star in them? Rather than retreading the typical third-person action game, we’re so used to seeing, it’s time these types of video games explored other genres with different faces

There are many types of first-person shooters (FPS) out there that cover stealth mechanics, but very few have done justice to a movie property. For a gritty and tense experience, it would be great to see a stealth game focused on Black Widow from the MCU. Though she has yet to get her own film in the franchise (it’s coming soon!), the backstory of Black Widow and her career as an assassin can open the door to many different kinds of stories that can be told outside of the movies. Black Widow’s dialogue in some of the Avengers movies references other missions and events that happen off-screen, so it would be great to see those events in full and provide more context to the movies. While third-person games are overdone, an FPS game made in the same spirit as a Deus Ex or Thief would be ideal for a character like Black Widow. Stealth would be the main focus, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to get into a fistfight, especially when Black Widow has all sorts of acrobatic and deadly physical moves.

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If we’re taking a dive into the world of role-playing games, then tackling some of the characters from Thor’s films would be interesting. Similar to fantasy action RPGs like the Elder Scrolls or Fable, the mystical and over-the-top nature of Thor’s stories can be played up to a high degree. But if we had to choose someone other than the God of Thunder himself, who better to explore than his half-brother Loki, the god of mischief. Loki is an incredibly popular villain in the movies, with a huge fan base despite the terrible things he’s done. Having a game explore some of the events between the first Thor and Avengers films could be very interesting. Being an action RPG could allow players to utilize many powers and abilities Loki’s uses in the films, as well as explore some of his fighting skills we don’t get to see as much.

Being a superhero can be very cool, but what about being the one who orders superheroes around? That’s exactly what Nick Fury does on a regular basis. How could anybody really stand up to Samuel L. Jackson and his cool demeanor being the director of SHIELD? This is something that could make for a great game and provide a different side of the MCU that is removed from the standard superhero fanfare. The opportunity to command SHIELD and the heroes it allies with can make for a great strategy game, specifically an RTS (real-time strategy) game that highlights this as the main focus. The options for the exact placement within the MCU are limitless, but the events before Avengers: Age of Ultron could be a good start. Players could take on the role of Nick Fury and order the placement of helicarriers, gathering SHIELD units to take down Hydra, and even call in the aid of some familiar heroes, making what could be great material for an interesting RTS

While these games aren’t the most demanded or sought after, each of them could build upon an already established cinematic universe while having plenty of freedom to be something unique. Many of the older MCU tie-in games were mediocre experiences that starred popular heroes, which were forgotten very quickly. By utilizing other characters and taking on other genres, the MCU can have great tie-in games that give fans a whole lot more than just being related to the movies. They can give fans something fun and different based on the universe they love to watch