Get ready for the World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary event, arriving next month!

If you've been a follower of World of Warcraft since day one (or even if you haven't), then you'll have heard about the WoW Classic Edition release. If you've dived right in and started playing the updated version of the game, then you are in for a special reward within the next few months to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of World of Warcraft.

What's happening for the WoW 15th Anniversary?

So glad you asked! In addition to the launch of a spectacular WoW 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition, Blizzard is also launching a series of limited-time events to celebrate 15 years of the MMORPG.

WoW 15th Anniversary

Battle for Azeroth Raid

The first of the celebrations will apply to the Battle for Azeroth expansion, which came out in August 2018. It will be an in-game experience where players will need to work pretty hard to challenge and take down some of the most difficult bosses of the franchise. Blizzard describes the event as a "special raid."

To participate in the limited-time raid, players need to have achieved the level cap of 110, currently World of Warcraft's highest tier. Those who succeed in completing the raid will receive an Obsidian Worldbreaker mount.

WoW 15th Anniversary

Battle for Azeroth Login Bonuses

If the concept of a raid doesn't appeal to you or you are not at the required level cap just yet, you can still get involved with the celebrations! Players can earn a variety of "limited-time bonuses" by loading up the Battle for Azeroth expansion and logging in. After logging in, it will result in receiving in-game items such as a unique achievement for obtaining the Lil Nefarian Pet item. There will be several more of these bonuses, but they are yet to be revealed by Blizzard.

WoW 15th Anniversary

What Should You Know Ahead of the Event?

The WoW 15th Anniversary event isn't one of a kind, and Blizzard is renowned for releasing limited-time events to keep the game fresh and retain player interest. Taking previous events into account, the bosses we see during the special raid is likely to provide rewards of Timewarped Badges. These badges will allow players to buy themselves some shiny new items. Bosses may also leave behind loot that's relevant to a player's current level.

WoW 15th Anniversary

Using the 2018 anniversary event as an example, there was also World Bosses introduced that players could choose to challenge. There's a strong possibility we'll see these bosses in this year's installment. If you polish off the raid quickly, there will almost certainly be a wealth of other tasks in place to keep you involved too.

WoW 15th Anniversary

In typical Blizzard style, the team behind the WoW Classic event has kept information close to their chest. There's hardly any new info unearthed from datamining, but as it stands, the most significant excitement factor surrounds the special raid. The raid will surely be just as fun as the 14th Anniversary event was.

WoW 15th Anniversary

When is the WoW 15th Anniversary event?

If the 14th Anniversary event is anything to go by, we could be seeing the WoW Classic event taking place as soon as November 16th. The event lasted for three solid weeks last year to give players a chance to get involved. This also means obtaining any limited-edition loot that Blizzard puts in place just for those joining the event.

WoW 15th Anniversary

As always, Blizzard will be posting any information that relates to their event on the official World of Warcraft website. As and when the actual start date is announced, you can be sure it'll be posted here first.

We'll certainly be joining in with the WoW 15th Anniversary celebrations, will you?