Portable Gaming Monitor - GAEMS Guardian Interview

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If you're trying to game and stream on the go, GAEMS has a new product made just for you!

At this year’s CES tradeshow, Gaems Inc. revealed the Gaems Guardian, a 24-inch portable gaming monitor that can be carried around in a rugged, TSA-friendly carrier. Upon opening the impressive case, you are presented with a high-performance IPS QHD screen that allows for a display resolution of 1080p quality or above. Move over, gaming laptop… there’s a new portable gaming rig in town.

We had a chance to speak with John Smith, Co-Founder of Gaems Inc., about what their ambitious new monitor is capable of. The Gaems Guardian is great for streamers, because it features a built-in mounting system where you can attach cameras, lights, and any other peripherals necessary for streaming. In fact, the Gaems Guardian was built with streamers and content creators in mind. This new portable monitor is perfect for streamers who want to play high-end games on the go, especially those who attend conventions or events and want to go live as soon as they return to their hotel room. 

If you are in the mood to sit down and be immersed in a game while away from home, the Gaems Guardian comes equipped with a Dynamic Soundstage surround sound system that includes custom-chambered 9-watt systems, multiple speakers, and multiple headset jacks. These elements allow for an experience that may offer more immersion than even most standard in-home computer systems, an impressive feat for any portable gaming setup. 

While the Gaems Guardian case mainly houses its high-performance monitor, it is roomy enough to fit several other gaming essentials as well. It includes a full cage that you can use to protect any console you wish to bring with you, including your Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch. 

Console gamers aren’t the only ones who can enjoy this new case, though. The Gaems Guardian also lets you bring your PC along for the ride. Gaems Inc. recognizes how important both consoles and PCs are to content creators, and that the lines that once divided PC gaming and console gaming are becoming progressively blurred with every advance in technology. A truly portable gaming system should be able to accommodate both PC and console gamers alike, and the Gaems Guardian aims to do just that.

During our interview, Smith notes that the Gaems Guardian is powerful enough to be your home system. He says that the value of the Games Guardian is that, “while it may be your ultimate home system, you can close it up and set it up anywhere, and have that same professional quality...”

With stats this impressive, it’s no wonder the Guardian is the most expensive product that Gaems has ever released. Although the pricing has yet to be determined, expect this rig to cost a pretty penny. No exact release date has been set for the Gaems Guardian, but it is scheduled to launch sometime around Q3 2019. For more information, check out the official Gaems website at gaemspge.com.