Pusha T x Adidas

If you think your Call of Duty skills are better than the rest, this is the post for you! There's currently a competition-like giveaway going on that will provide the first 300 players to reach Officer Rank in Modern Warfare a sweet prize!

Here's the scoop on the prize

If you are one of the first three-hundred players to reach Officer Rank in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you could win a pair of Adidas x Pusha T 'Kingslayer' sneakers for free. The Adidas x Pusha T 'Kingslayers' are a pair of sneakers that have a 90s inspiration behind them. Think old dad-type shoes that have been transformed into something fashionable, and you'll be pretty close to the mark.

Rapper Pusha T has teamed up with the brand to bring us the Ozweegos, although there have been two other designs to join the line before these. Pusha T and Adidas have had several collaborations, but this is the first time there's been an entry to partner with Call of Duty. Rapper T plots the Osweegos as one of his favorite silhouettes to join the collection so far, receiving the 'Kingslayer' Ozweegos title to align with a medal you receive in Call of Duty Modern warfare. Specifically, players can obtain the medal for taking down the player in first place on the opposing team.

Design-wise, the 'Kingslayer' sneakers come in a white, black, and grey color style, boasting an in your face Call of Duty: Modern Warfare logo just above the sole on one of the shoes. The opposite shoe has a skull in a dark grey shade and considering there are only limited three-hundred shoes available, and these are pretty special.

The announcement surrounding the Adidas x Pusha T 'Kingslayer' Ozweegos sneaker competition came in the form of a video which came directly from the official Call of Duty account.


As shown in the clip, we see Pusha T stating that "gaming has been a part of the studio culture" during the time he's been working on a new album. Pusha T further adds its "amazing." when discussing how great the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare attention to detail is and that its "history in the making." to add this level of detail to his Ozweegos.

The question is, how do you get your hands on these incredible kicks? Well, the first thing you have to do to get yourself anywhere near the finish line is rise to Officer Rank in CoD: Modern Warfare. That means reaching level 56, which means a lot of grinding. Once you've done that, you need to get yourself an account with Activision here, at which point you'll receive a notification which states "Thanks for registering. Good luck, soldier".